Journal of South Asian Studies

Journal of South Asian Studies is an open access peer-reviewed international academic journal covering the study area of modern South Asia pertaining to its politics, history, literature, arts, cultural and social studies, economy and security matters, and international affairs with linkage of immediate Asian regions. Articles on theoretical, comparative studies and case studies, empirical analyses, commentaries and reviews concerning the growing strategic significance of modern South Asian region and its relevance with other Asian regions (Central Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia, and Middle East) are accepted for publication.

Journal of South Asian Studies

Vol 6, No 3 (2018): J. S. Asian Stud.

Table of Contents


Tonmoyee H. Ayon
Sheikh J. Ayub, Asif R. Raina
Henelito A. Sevilla, Jr.
Aijaz A. Turrey

Book Reviews

Book Review: Hydraulic City: Water and the Infrastructures of Citizenship in Mumbai
Vanessa Koh