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Transferring a journal

Transfer a journal
The experience gained from publishing a diverse and growing portfolio of makes ESci Journals the ideal partner for journals published on behalf of scientific societies, professional groups, and institutions such as governmental agencies. ESci Journals offer cutting-edge technology, including sophisticated online tools for editors, in combination with a financial model that can be customized to the specific needs of individual societies and their journals.
If you would like to discuss transferring a journal, please contact We would be pleased to provide any information you require before finalizing a formal proposal.
Transferring journals to ESci Journals and converting to open access is cost and hassle free. There is no interruption to the journal’s existing coverage by indexing and bibliometric services, including Impact Factor tracking. High visibility and the advantage that comes with open access can give a further boost to a journal's reputation and ranking.
Depending on the copyright status, transferring journals have the additional option of making their back content accessible from ESci Journals website. To further increase the visibility of the journal its older contents can also be made available on the website.
Transferring journals to ESci Journals does not affect existing coverage by indexing services such as Thomson Reuters (ISI) or Scopus. The following information is required for transferring a journal to ESci Journals.

A brief description of the journal, including:

  • Title (please check it does not already exist)

  • A 50-word aim and scope for the journal

  • A 100-word description of the field

  • A list of topics included (and not included, if useful) in the scope of the journal

  • Anticipated content, by article type (e.g. reviews, commentaries, research articles).

A minimum 100-word overview of existing journals in the field. Against this background, What is its purpose: is it meant (mainly) to be educational, to encourage debate, and/or to provide a home for the latest research?
A full description of the peer-review process. This should cover the following points:

  • Whether peer review will be or closed

  • Whether you will peer review all manuscripts, or screen submissions prior to peer review and reject some manuscripts without formally consulting referees (and hence without providing reports)

  • How many reviews will be required before a first decision (reject, revise, accept) is made

  • How quickly you will aim to make a first decision

  • Whether manuscripts will be routinely sent to a statistician

  • What the procedure will be if the reviewers are in disagreement

  • Who will make the final decision

  • What the procedure will be if an author is unhappy with the decision

A list of at least 10 manuscripts that you will actively solicit for publication in the new journal during its first year. Please provide the general topic or working title and the prospective author (PI). The articles should be from a range of institutions and must be at a stage that should allow completion and writing-up within the next twelve months.
A minimum 100-word vision of where you see the journal in five years' time.

Any further relevant information
If this is a society journal, please provide a brief description of the aims and history of the society and how many members it currently has. Where this information exists online, please provide the relevant links.
When your proposal is complete, or if you have any questions about starting a new journal, please contact:

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